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Mermaid Inc fabric tail review (Ekor Putri Duyung ulasan)

Back with a review! I bough the Mermaid Inc Galatea tail in 2017, and I wanted to do a review of it after using it for 5 years.

So this was my first ever fabric tail!

Mermaid Inc is an Indonesian mermaid tail company that began in 2015. One of their founders is a popular Indonesian actor/host named Marissa Nasution.

They sell fabric tails for both children and adults, and their tails use the Finis Mermaid monofin, Finis Aquarius monofin and the Mahina merfin.

Because the tails are made-to-order, custom sizing and custom design tails is also available. Mermaid Inc used to sell swimwear and other accessories, but at the moment I think they have stopped selling them.

My tail was delivered very quickly (they helped me to put in a rush order, and I officially ordered it on 11 Sept 2017, and received it on 16 Sept 2017).

Back when I bought it, I purchased both the Galatea tail skin and the Mahina monofin together. However, I think since then Mermaid Inc no longer sells the monofin on their website.

The tail is made of a thin scuba-stretch material. One thing to note is this material does pill! Because my tail is a dark colour, the white pilling shows up more obviously. Supposedly you can take a lint roller and scrape it off but I have not tried that.

Since I’ve had this tail for 5 years, the waistband is also a bit looser now. But I believe that’s just general wear and tear!

To compare, I think the Mermaid Inc tail material is better than the fabric tails from Swimtails and Magictail. But I do not think this material is better than the Mertailor Whimsy Fantasea tails.

Click below to watch my Mermaid Inc tail unboxing!

Here is a swim video of how the tail looks like underwater.

Here is a video of my long sleeve rashguard with a custom mermaid scale design. The rashguard is designed by the lovely HollyFaeArt on Etsy.

I have another post talking about buying the Mermaid Inc tail. Read my post here!

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