My first mermaid tail! Mermaid Inc & Mahina Monofin Unboxing


Yes! My very own mermaid tail has arrived!

I have been searching through the Internet looking for the perfect fabric tail and monofin. Since I am still a beginner at mermaiding (FYI I train at the Singapore Mermaid School helloooo yay), I didn’t want to get a silicon tail.

I also wanted to get a good quality monofin since I don’t think I’ll be buying another tail anytime soon after the first one.

And I found Mermaid Inc‘s gorgeous fabric tails!

Photo Credit: Mermaid Inc

I was a bit apprehensive at first because:

  1. There’s very few reviews of Mermaid Inc’s tails on the Internet.
  2. Mermaid Inc only accepts bank transfer, and not Paypal.
  3. There’s been a few horror stories of other people who paid for their tail, only for the tailmaker to disappear with their money (not Mermaid Inc).
  4. It’s a bit more expensive considered to others!

But, what happened was a friend of mine purchased from them, and that was the perfect opportunity for me to find out everything from her!

She was really happy with her tail, so that gave me confidence.

Here’s an interview with founder Marissa L Nasution (also a famous actress/host). The video is all in Bahasa Indonesia, but here is the gist:

  • Marissa, along with her friend Michelle, bought their first mermaid tails from the U.S. in 2015, and shared photos of the tails on Instagram
  • They had a HUGE positive reaction from friends going “Where did you get those tails!”
  • They then had the idea of creating and selling mermaid tails for adults and children to bring their mer-fantasies to life.
  • The tails are completely manufactured in Indonesia, except for the monofin
  • Her future plans include teaching mermaiding to children and Save the Ocean projects
  • Her husband is really supportive because it’s something interesting and creative, although he doesn’t quite get the concept of a mermaid business (LOL these men)


Photo Credit: Mermaid Inc


So now I was a bit more confident in buying from them. Mermaid Inc’s customer service is really good. Since the website features all tails as “Preorder”, I emailed on 4 September to find out how long it would take to reach me from Indonesia to Singapore.

The founder Marissa let me know that she could bring the tail to me on 15 September (within 2 weeks!), when she next came to Singapore.


Here’s my unboxing video again!

I will share more about the tail when I get the chance to. Feel free to ask any questions or suggest what kind of content you’re looking for!

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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