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Mermaid shoot at Gardens By The Bay Floral Fantasy

So there’s a very Insta-worthy location called Floral Fantasy at Gardens By The Bay. See the gorgeous floral arrangements?

According to the official website:

  • Discover over a hundred species and hybrids of orchids, pitcher plants, and bromeliads
  • Enjoy the calming atmosphere that flows through the landscapes, with flowers and orchids all around
  • Be greeted by a lush and colorful arrangement of flowers hanging from the ceilings

Of course we had to do a mermaid shoot there.

Because of safe distancing measures, they may ask you to wear a mask.

There are also some sculptures including a giant tree. Grandfather nature?

Spotting a mermaid in the wild?

I love the little waterfall at the back giving some aesthetic vibes.

Also funnily enough, there’s a very manly merlion hanging out with his spear. My cousin, perhaps?

There are many little spots to hang out and for that perfect Instagram moment.

It’s also nice that it’s fully air conditioned, better for the flowers and better for us to hang out!

Floral Fantasy is a short walk away from Bayfront MRT station. It’s open every day and admission is $10 per ticket.

Model: Fari Wu (me!)

Mermaid Tail: Aqua Fairy fabric tail by Finfolk Productions

Seashell Crown: Wunderland Arts

Silicone Cuffs: Merbella Studios

Necklace: Mermaid Milynn

Sequin Top: Taobao

Mask: Bewa

Photographer: Daniel Kong

Location: Floral Fantasy at Gardens By The Bay

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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