Mermaid Shoot at East Coast Park beach!

I’m very lucky to live near the beach, and I wanted to create some magic with a photographer friend Atikah (@iamasmileyunicorn).

What else was perfect for the beach but a magical mermaid shoot?


Getting into the tail!


A first test shot. Here I didn’t put the monofin in, and it’s very obvious. I definitely recommend you to use your monofin, because this is the effect you’ll get if you don’t use a monofin inside your tail.



One of my favourites! I wanted a slightly dark, gritty style for this shoot, so we left the sand on the tail, and I like the effect.


It’s very important to make sure to clean your tail thoroughly after a shoot like this though!


I like this but I don’t love the bit whenever there’s curves where the feet meet the monofin. I feel like it takes away the realism of the tail. I’m still working on how to pose in a way that hides those bumps or bulges.


Here’s one of the things I noticed about having your tail halfway in the water.

Since we were at the beach, the waves keep coming in and going out, and sometimes they cover the fluke, which can either make it look more realistic, or you lose the fluke. Here’s a second photo below to show you what I mean.


Of course this is a personal preference, while I like how a larger chunk of the tail is underwater, I feel like I’ve lost the tail under the waves.

Oh one last tip: bring a towel! Having a towel underneath your tail while you wear it makes a huge difference. Plus, the sand gets everywhere.

Last last tip: don’t forget to have fun!


Model: Fari Wu (me!)

Photographer: Atikah @imasmileyunicorn

Mermaid Tail: Aqua Fairy fabric tail by Finfolk Productions

Top: Taobao

Silver Crown: Aliexpress

Face stickers: Aliexpress

Lipgloss: Palladio

Location: East Coast Park Beach, Singapore


Much Love,

Fari Wu

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