My Sleep Journey: Three Month Update

the-snuggle-is-real etsy shirt
Credit: Black t-shirt by SouthernGalNovelty on Etsy ($33.78)

3 months ago, I talked about how I have so much difficulty in sleeping and how I’m going on a journey to better sleep.

I wanted to do a 1 month update, but I had massive problems in between, and then also fell sick for a bit.

So I ended up monitoring my journey for 3 months. Which was really good because it was enough time to properly evaluate what I was doing and feeling.

Here’s what worked and what didn’t work for me! Obviously this won’t be the same for everyone, and what might not work for me might work for you, but treat this as a guide for yourself.

What worked?

The sleep routine helped… once I managed to figure out which parts worked.

Taking a shower before bed helped.


Credit: Unicorn Bath Time Stickers by PlantasiaPrintShop on Etsy (S$5.41)

I usually prefer to shower at night, so this was an easy habit to form.

I liked that it felt cozily warm after a shower, but usually I had to jump into bed quickly afterwards. If I stayed up for too long, I wouldn’t feel the warm effects anymore.

Using a night light helped.

Unicorn Night Light by ArtsDecoStudio on Etsy (S$108.11)

I’ve never thought I needed a night light. I’m the type of person who needs the room to be pitch black while sleeping so I didn’t need one during the night.

But I was pleasantly surprised with how useful it was to switch off the room lights and switch on a night light an hour before bed.

The dim night light helped to signal my brain that it is indeed time to go to sleep soon.

In the same way that bright room lights tricked my brain into thinking it’s not that late, the dim night light was a way for me to sleep earlier and still have enough light to move around my room.

What didn’t work?

Drinking hot tea/ hot milk.

I don’t like tea or hot milk in the first place. So this was a dud hack for me.

Unicorn bedtime stickers by MyFriendMochi on Etsy (S$4.45)


I thought it would help, but it didn’t. Visualisation (as I talked about in this post) is closing your eyes and visualising a calm setting like a beach or a forest and allowing yourself to relax into it.

You would visualise for 5 minutes, including the imaginary sights, sounds, etc. Then you would ‘come back’ to the real world and feel refreshed.

Nah. Didn’t do anything for me. I was pretty disappointed by that.

It’s still a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll have more to update next time!

How is your sleep journey so far? 

Much Love,

Fari Wu

Personalised Unicorn Sleeps Here Wall Art by lovecarissadesigns on Etsy (S$10.96)

*I do not own any of these designs/images. All designs are available for purchase on Etsy. Thank you to each designer for making such creative art*

My sleeping journey:

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