Why unicorns and mermaids?


Welcome to my little space on the Internet!

What are unicorns and mermaids?




noun | yoo-ni-kawrn

a mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead.


noun | mur-meyd

a female marine creature, having the head, torso and arms of a woman and the tail of a fish


I mean, unicorns and mermaids are beautiful creatures, but why feature them? And what is this site about?

Other than the fact that they are elusive magical creatures, this is why:


Unicorns represent Strength.

The strength to be what you want to be. The strength to get through all obstacles, whether they are physical or mental.

I want to dedicate this space on the Internet as an open community to share stories of mental health struggles, even though they’re usually seen as “being weak” or “all in your head”.

Because it’s not just in your head. Mental illness is REAL. And I want to discuss the ways of dealing with it.

There are too many stories of mental health problems. Anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings, all suppressed. Together, we can change the way we talk about mental health.

Together, we can give each other strength to take that leap into doing what you love, even if it means a lot of time, money, energy, sweat and tears spent to create what you can be proud of.

Because we unicorns are magical beings who are strong not just on the outside, but on the inside.


Mermaids represent Love.

The love for yourself and your surroundings.

This means taking care of your mind (mental health), your body (staying healthy and fit) and your environment.

I also want to dedicate this space to our bodies and our surroundings. Everything we surround ourselves with has an impact on our health. Our food, our skincare, our makeup, our technology, the pollution in our air.

That’s why I am an advocate championing for environmental causes I care about, like ocean conservation.

Because we mermaids are magical creatures (both male and female) who are beautiful in every way.

And together, we can bring a little unicorn and mermaid magic into our lives ❤


So come along on this journey with me, and join our Facebook and Instagram community.

Much Love,

Fari Wu

6 responses to “Why unicorns and mermaids?”

  1. I am over obsessed with UNICORNS and Mermaids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean you cant over love them but I do coz I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy awesome and yea hope u c this yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy and did I meantion I LooooooVVVe unicorns and mermaids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. unicorns and mermaids?like what else whould I choooose I luv ur utube channel coz its soo creative and I love it and have subscribed


  3. I the only 1 whos commented like legit 3 times sorry I can get toooo crazy sometimes so ya


    1. Aww honey thank you. I get so excited when I see unicorns or mermaids and not everyone around me understands it either!
      You can totally come and comment anytime you want!


  4. I love unicorns and mermaids. I have my little saying today in a unicorn tomorrow I’ll be a mermaid 🦄🧜🏼‍♀️
    To see what is written here about unicorns being strength and mermaids being love just made my day! I’ve been struggling with some depression and going through some heartache
    I also suffer from lupus, RA and a couple other autoimmune diseases and the physical pain is almost unbearable. I cling to any happy and that’s what UnicornMermaids sure bring to my life


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