Kylie Jenner’s The Little Mermaid costume for Halloween

Mermaids have been a pretty popular choice for Halloween costumes. They’re shiny, glittery and sometimes not too difficult to DIY. 

Kylie Jenner dressed up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid this Halloween. She wore a red wig, seashell top and green scale skirt for some under-the-sea vibes.


To me though, Kylie seems to be channeling Jessica Rabbit! Especially with the red hair and red lips.

I love her pearl earrings and pearl netting top.



Ariel’s best friend Flounder comes along for the ride in the shape of an embellished bag.


The Mary Frances Flounder Beaded Crossbody Handbag is still available on Amazon.

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Much Love,

Fari Wu

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