Disney releases The Little Mermaid Pool Party Collection

Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat?

Disney releases a pool party collection modeled after The Little Mermaid characters. Look just how adorable they are!

You can’t possibly feel like a poor unfortunate soul when you’re lounging around a lovely pool surrounded by fishy friends, can you?

Shop the Disney collection here.

Sebastian Pool Float


Unicorn floats are still adorable, but look at this giant crab float! Although be careful of that smile. I mean, didn’t Sebastian himself say “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me?” Sounds very much like he wants to sink than float.

Flounder Pool Float


Maybe Flounder might be a little more trustworthy. And the sweet best friend is perfect for lying down on! Sebastian looks a tad more Instagram-worthy, but Flounder is perfect for whiling the days away.


Ariel Fin Towel

Ariel-fin-towel (1)

Those woolen mermaid blankets used to be super popular to cuddle during winter – now we can get the summer version! This mermaid tail towel is great for the poolside.


Ariel Tie-Waist Tank Top 


What a cute tank top! A simple grey tank perfect for the summer.


Sebastian T-shirt


It is, isn’t it? Sebastian was definitely the smartest fish under the sea. But even though he was a little crabby (heheh, get the pun?), he wanted to help Ariel anyway because he wanted to see her happy.


Ursula Poor Unfortunate Souls Cropped Hoodie

Ursula-cropped-hoodie (1)

Ursula looks very freaky, peeping out. She’s definitely a woman with a (villainous) plan here.


Ariel Tote Bag


A plastic tote is perfect for keeping things waterproof and washing away sand. There’s even a removable mesh interior in case you want to keep some things private. I love the colour combo!


The Little Mermaid Pouch Set


Also a set of 2: a clear pouch and a mesh pouch. Again this colour combo is really pretty too.


Ariel Waterproof Phone Holder


For when you want to be near the water, but you need to have your phone. Keep those electronic devices safe! You don’t want to experience the heartbreak of dropping your phone in the water.


Flounder Novelty Cup


Out there in the sun, don’t forget to hydrate yourself and this drink cup will come in handy. Personally I prefer those seashell-shaped drink cups but this one is adorable too.


The Little Mermaid Inflatable Cup Holders


Look at these trio of seahorse cup holders! So nice to be able to float these in a pool with a cool drink.

Ariel Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker


Finally, the perfect thing for an outdoor pool. It ain’t a party until there’s great music in the air. Plus this speaker also lights up!

Shop the Disney collection here.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored – I just really love The Little Mermaid.

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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