This man saved a baby goose from a snapping turtle while riding a unicorn float – you just can’t make this up!

Cary Coppola is a father of 3, CEO of digital marketing brand Blue Compass, and rider of the majestic unicorn float.

Unicorn float Cary Coppola

Cary lives in Iowa, and was driving past a pond when his wife noticed a baby goose struggling in the water.

Thinking the gosling had it’s leg trapped in a net or something, he stopped by his brother’s house to change into swimming trunks and borrow something to help him quickly float out to the goose.

Of course, a giant unicorn float came to the rescue.

Screenshot (4).png

But when Cary floated out to the gosling, he got a shock. A snapping turtle-sized shock!

Unicorn float Cary Coppola

Do you see that pastel-coloured rainbow unicorn tail?

Cary didn’t know what to do, but since he was already out there, he decided to try and save the gosling from becoming turtle dinner.

So he and his brother managed to separate the gosling and the turtle, and as you can see at the end of the video, the gosling was reunited with his geese family.

Screenshot (2).png

Freedom!! The freed gosling is at the far right in the picture, finally reuniting with his geese family who didn’t do anything to save him from the turtle. #salty

Cary posted the video that his sister-in-law took of him, and people just LOVED it. His tweet got 26,000 views, and hundreds of likes and retweets. I think the unicorn float was just the cherry on top of this myteriously hilarious story.

According to WhoTV, Cary said he doesn’t have any regrets about what happened, but his brother did.

“It’s all his kids’ toys, it was the biggest one that fit me,” he said. “He’s sorry he didn’t send his huge pink flamingo because he thought it would be funnier.”

Screenshot (10)
Enter Cary Coppola, rider of unicorn floats and saviour of geese.

Seriously, how much funnier can this story get?

If you’re inspired by this story and are thinking of getting a unicorn float, you might want to hurry. Unicorns have just been hailed as “the must have” for 2018’s Christmas lists.

Baby Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float

Much Love,

Fari Wu

One response to “This man saved a baby goose from a snapping turtle while riding a unicorn float – you just can’t make this up!”

  1. So funny. But I guess hero has got to hero.


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