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10 items every dark mermaid needs

Just because you’re a mermaid doesn’t mean you have to be sparkles and glitter and pink. Sometimes you’re more an Ursula than an Ariel. Sometimes you just want to embrace your darker, edgier and sexier side.

Here’s some gorgeous items to help you get one step closer.


Black Mermaid Brushes


These mermaid tail makeup brushes are popping up everywhere, but you almost never see silver/black ones. The dark pink tips on the bristles are just amazing.

Get this black 7-piece makeup brush set from Qoo10.


Mermaid Fish Tail Brush

mermaid makeup brush.jpg

That rose gold and ombre version is also pretty, but the black one is giving us life.

Get this single makeup brush from Qoo10.


Mermaid Scale Leggings


Transform your legs into scales with these mermaid scale leggings. There are so many colours to choose from, but I personally like these dark purple leggings. They remind me of Ursula somehow!

Get these mermaid scale leggings from Qoo10.


Glittery Mermaid Scale Leggings

mermaid leggingsAnother alternative to the mermaid scale leggings. These look like they’re glittery but they’re just the pattern on the leggings. No matter what you wear them with, they look pretty amazing.

Get these glittery mermaid scale leggings from Aliexpress.


Black Mermaid Tail Stockings

black mermaid stockings.jpg

Don’t you just love the black stockings? They look like there’s some kind of day-glo light in the shape of a mermaid tail. That looks super awesome. The lighter one is cool too, although the outline of the tail might not be as obvious.

Get these black mermaid stockings from Qoo10.


Green Sequin Dress


Stand out like the mermaid you are, no matter where you are! The green dress is basically made from little sequins, which means it will be super shiny. It also has a low back if you love to show off your back. Honestly, I don’t know if it might be itchy or not though. That’s the only thing I would worry about.

Get this green sequin dress from Qoo10.




Glow-in-the-dark Teardrop Pendant


Such a gorgeous teardrop pendant! Apparently it’s the flourite that makes it glow in the darkness.

Get this glow-in-the-dark teardrop pendant from Qoo10.


Glow-in-the-dark Mermaid Necklace


Want to be even more mermaidy? These gorgeous necklaces boast mermaids holding glow-in-the-dark fluorite above their heads.

Get this glow-in-the-dark mermaid necklace at Qoo10.


Mermaid Princess 10-pack Black Sheet Mask

mermaid princess black mask1.jpeg

You would think that spending all our time in the water would keep our skin hydrated, but no. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

Korean cosmetics brand Tosowoong helps us mere mermaids achieve that glowy look with this 10-pack of sheet masks.

Get this 10-pack mermaid black sheet mask set from Qoo10.


Disclaimer: These are all affiliate links, and I do receive rewards if you buy from the link, which I will take as a form of thank you from you for inspiring a possible purchase. This allows me to create more content you love!


Much Love,

Fari Wu

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