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The comatose unicorn cake that broke Instagram


*Updated because you guys seem to love unicorn cakes as much as I do, so I went to check out more fat unicorn cakes!

Unicorn cakes are really cute.

Those sweet, elegant, delicate unicorn cakes are usually seen at parties and events.

But last week, there was a different type of unicorn cake that dominated Instagram. I kept seeing it so many times, and Likes were flying everywhere.

It was this blue cake – and an adorable comatose fat unicorn!


Initially it was posted on Facebook by the original creator, Elizabeth Alvarez a.k.a. Choco Frutas By Lissy INC. She is a baker living in Puerto Rico.

Then @ladyberrycupcakes posted the photo of this cake onto Instagram (and she has 149,000 followers) and it just BLEW UP.


I mean, who wouldn’t like it? Other than the cute factor, the details are pretty amazing – the colours, the shaping, the gold, the clean lines with no mistakes.

And maybe some people just got so sick of the usual cute unicorn cakes that are everywhere – the ones with no mouths and closed eyes. This cake is totally unique.


And I mean, there’s 3 ways to look at this:

  • A unicorn that’s eaten waaay too much (can relate)
  • A drunk unicorn (also can relate)
  • A fat unicorn (I mean… we also can relate…)

As of today, LadyBerryCupcakes has 31,000 likes and 2,600 comments on that Instagram photo.

ChocoFrutasbyLissyINC has joined Instagram.

And her original Facebook post has 3,500 comments and 22,800 shares!!


Crazy Sweets by Theresa Täubrich made a pretty pink version of the comatose unicorn. Look at that eye detail! She received 2,600 likes.


Look at that process!


If you look at Koalipops‘ cake, it seems like the best friends who eat together, stay together!


Anita&Bosquez‘s unicorn seems to be just starting to eat! Better hurry before it finishes all the cake!


Even PedroWonderCakes from Mexico City made his own version of the comatose/drunk unicorn, getting 2600 likes on Facebook.

The unicorn hair is really nice and colourful – but word to anyone who wants to try this – using a brown / orange / yellow frosted cake looks a bit like, umm… vomit or something.

Sorry but I just got to say it!

That would really look like a drunk unicorn!


Dulcefina from Peru also made her own version of the cake, which got 600+ likes on Facebook. The blue rose piping looks nice.



Gordoceria from Brazil made a tri-coloured cake complete with a white ribbon. The inside of the cake is probably red velvet, but that red looks really scary looking :O

Frost Me Sweet.jpg

Wait… isn’t this cannibalism? Frost Me Sweet Bakery & Bistro‘s unicorns have such beautiful detailing.


Not a big fan of cake? Candy Queen Bee Maker‘s unicorn seems to have overindulged in Mexican tacos and Coke.


Meanwhile GlazePuertoRico‘s unicorn is enjoying some pizza. Again that red colour is supposed to be innocent tomato sauce but the scene looks a bit bloody.

Everyone is so talented! Fondant isn’t really easy to work with.

Go follow them! Here are their social media handles:

Choco Frutas by Lissy INC:

LadyBerryCupcakes (she didn’t make a unicorn cake but she makes fab pastel cakes): 







Frost Me Sweet Bakery & Bistro:

Candy Queen Bee Maker:



Much Love,

Fari Wu

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