Lush Christmas Collection 2017 – Unicorn Mermaid



Sparkle Jars


The superstars of this collection are definitely the sparkle jars. They are jars that can be turned over to sprinkle sparkly powder onto your body.

The Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar is a pink star with a sweet candy scent.

The Twilight Sparkle Jar is in the shape of a moon and has a sleepy lavender scent.

Not only that, Lush is super super innovative, because these ‘jars’ are actually moisturizing massage bars! So there is no wasteful packaging! The mermaid in me is screaming with happiness at this smart eco-friendly idea.


The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar

lush-the magic of christmas.jpg

Every Christmas should include a wand and bells! This has a cinnamon and orange scent (which actually sounds more appropriate for Autumn?).

What’s super exciting is that it’s reusable, so you can swirl it in your bathtub till you’re happy with the amount of bubbles, then keep the rest for your next bath.


Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar


It’s pink, it’s sparkly, it turns your water pink and it has a candy cane scent! It’s perfect for girls and women of all ages!

It’s also reusable and works the same way as The Magic of Christmas bubble bar.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


Love the citrus smells of orange and lime? This would sound like the perfect bath bomb for you. Plus it’s golden and shiny!

While the outer packaging is yellow and white, the bath bomb will turn your bath turquoise, which confuses me. I guess the inside of the bath bomb is actually blue.


Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Giant golden wonder bath bomb.jpg

Who doesn’t love a big package?

I mean, that’s the tagline of this bath bomb on the website.

It almost looks the same as the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb except that the yellow is a bit paler. Plus, it’s mega-sized, hence the name GIANT (it’s 6 times larger!). But it’s just as gorgeous.


Man in the Moon Bubble Bar


Another golden lustrous wonder from Lush! This one is a bubble bar instead of a bath bomb (Lush, you’re really confusing me here because I have no idea what’s the difference). I assume bubble bars are less about the bubbles and more about the softening properties?

Still, this shiny yellow bubble bar turns your bath green and has a citrus scent.


Shades of Gold Frankincense & Myrrh Lip Block


To be honest, this confuses me a little bit. It’s a lip block, which you can apply to your lips to make it sparkle. You can use it alone or on top of lipstick which is cool.

But what I think is weird is the no packaging policy. I get it that Lush is being eco-conscious (bravo Lush!) but if I bought it in the store, I would have no idea where to put it or where to store it.

I guess you’ll either get the paper packaging, or have to think ahead to bring a container to the store!


Mermaid Perspective:

I totally love Lush for being so eco-friendly. Their products are 100% vegetarian (they would be vegan except some products contain honey), are against animal testing, handmade and use little to no packaging, depending on what products you buy. Support Lush!

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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