Dior’s Precious Rocks Holiday Collection 2017 – Unicorn Mermaid




This Christmas, Dior took inspiration from gemstones and released a Precious Rocks collection!

With carefree allure, the Dior woman fully embraces her beauty. Precious Rocks is an homage to the unfettered rock spirit, confidently precious.


As a sparkly unicorn, I totally approve of this glittery gold collection.

The Dior Holiday collection consists of :

  • A couture case with refillable jewel lipsticks
  • Two eyeshadow palettes (ruby red and green emerald)
  • A Diorblush vibrant colour powderblush
  • A Diorific Golden Glow Loose Powder
  • A Diorshow Bold Brow Mascara Structure & Shine Gold Edition
  • Diorific Khol Powder Lipstick in 5 shades
  • Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Sensational Mirror Shine Hydra-Plumping Volume in 2 shades
  • Diorific Vernis Couture Nail Polish in 4 shades
  • A Diorific Vernis Liner in Gold
  • Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour in 4 shades


Whew! What a large exciting collection. I love that the packaging is such a luxurious gold.

I also love how there’s a gold CD logo in the loose powder (however, I think it’s just a plastic round piece to stop the product from escaping).


The Diorific Vernis Liner in Gold is another rock star of this collection for me. How gorgeous is that! The nail polish liner is perfect for doing a gold french nail tip, or if you’re really steady with a brush, some gold designs.


You can also paint the whole nail gold, but it is a very fine tip (as you can see in the picture here). The red nail polish is a classy colour for Winter (or even to bring into Spring!).


Look at these Diorific Khol Powder Lipsticks that come in a powdery matte finish (popularized thanks to the Kylie Lip Kits). It’s a very interesting shape, with a pointed middle. InTheFrow suggests using one shade to line your lips, and another shade to fill in the centre. That’s a cool idea!


The 5-shade eyeshadow palette in 857 ruby. The eyeshadow palette is also the only piece in the collection that contains emerald green – not gold, red or purple.


Here is Victoria / InTheFrow with a full face of Dior Precious Rocks collection 2017. So gorgeous!


I love how Dior chose to concentrate on building a classy collection with complementary shades of a selected colour scheme. It’s a simple elegant collection with a focus on high quality products that look and feel good.

Mermaid Perspective: I wish Dior had also tried to focus on producing a sustainable makeup collection. Dior released an environmentally friendly skincare collection this March, including the packaging.

As an eco-friendly mermaid, I hoped that Dior would continue this trend and release an environmentally friendly makeup collection. Hopefully next time.

*All photos credited to InTheFrow, one of my favourite beauty YouTubers!*

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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