Top Unicorn and Mermaid Christmas Gifts!



Well almost.

Still, it’s time for Christmas shopping and I’ve recently been looking through the unicorn and mermaid things online (joking, I look through them ALL THE TIME)

Here’s some of my favourites! I’m thinking of getting some of them, and hopefully I will soon!

Mermaid Seashell Clam Pool Float


Yaaas! Be a mermaid queen at every pool party! I love how it comes with a cute white pearl too.

This clam shell float is just super cute to take photos on.

Mermaid Seashell Clam Float is available on Qoo10.

Pastel Pony Pool Float

Pastel Pony Pool Float

Look at this adorable My Little Pony-inspired pool float! I’m loving that pastel pink and blue colours.

Pastel Pony Pool Float is available on Qoo10.

Rainbow Pegasus Pool Float

Rainbow Pegasus Pool Float


Not only can you get rainbow unicorn floats, you can get rainbow unicorn pegasus floats!

If you love rainbow-coloured everything, this one is a really exclusive one. The only thing I find strange are the eyes. They look a bit sad!

Rainbow Pegasus Pool Float is available on Qoo10.

Baby/Kids Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float

Baby Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float

Even kids can join in the fun with their very own mini-sized pool floats. This one is clearly different from the adult-sized floats, cause they’ve added handles on the bottom.

Also, you can’t see in this photo (but you can see the photos if you click the link below) but the bottom is a space for kids to sit comfortably, and leg-sized holes to put their feet.

Baby/ Kids Unicorn Pool Float is available on Qoo10.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

mermaid tail blanket

I love these fairy tale colours! Made of soft flannel which would be very warm and comfortable. They also come in 4 different colours.

Get this Mermaid Tail blanket from Amazon.

Shark Tail Blanket

blankie tail

Do you prefer sharks to mermaids? Blankie Tails has these shark blankets with eyes and teeth that glow in the dark. Show off your love for Jaws with this blanket that fits kids.

Get this Blankie Tail Shark Tail Blanket from Amazon.

Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

green mermaid tail blanket

Prefer a nice soft wool blanket instead? Look at this pretty mermaid tail blanket! They’ve got a few different colours including pink, purple and blue.

Plus I like how this design looks a bit like fish scales!

Get this Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket on Amazon.

Mermaid Makeup Brushes (set of 11)

mermaid brushes

They’re so pretty! I personally have these and they’re so gorgeous. They’re soft synthetic brushes, although of course the quality doesn’t compare to professional brushes, for that price point. But the colours are really nice and they’re decent.

Get this mermaid makeup brushes from Amazon.

Unicorn Mug


Wake up to a cup of coffee in this cute unicorn mug! Gahhhh I want one! Look at their happy faces. Mornings would be so nice with them.

They come in two horn versions: matte and shiny. Unfortunately, the seller indicates that it will be given out at random and there is no 100% guarantee which one you’ll get 😦

I like the shiny one better.

Unicorn Mug is available on Qoo10.

Aww! to Ahh! Unicorn Plush Soft Toy


Okay so this one’s not really my favourite. It just became popular very recently because of a viral video where a boy gets excited to see this cute unicorn then gets freaked out when the unicorn makes an evil face. I just find that video hilarious!

Aww! to Ahh! Unicorn Plush Soft Toy available on Qoo10.

Reversible Sequin Throw Pillow with Cushion


It’s a cute reversible throw pillow! The reversible sequins means that you can always change its colour whenever you’re bored with it.

Reversible Sequin Throw Pillow with Cushion is available on Qoo10.

Which ones are your favourite?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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