9 Big Brands who released their first Beauty Advent Calendars 2017!

advent calendar iconic london

It’s only November but… advent calendars are already on sale!

Advent calendars are little calendars that countdown the days till Christmas, and each day has a little gift hidden behind a door.

These gifts were traditionally chocolates, but the human creativity is endless! From wine, to fragrances to, err, Pringles… there are so many different calendars out there for non-chocolate lovers!

And of course, the one I’m excited about are beauty advent calendars. Gotta love the sparkly ones!

Why don’t they make unicorn-themed advent calendars?

Of course some companies are big-time players in the field, releasing a new one every year. And some, like this list, are releasing calendars for the very first time.

So which calendar-newbie will take the crown? Let’s find out!

*SPOILER* I will be talking about the items you can get in each calendar! If you don’t want to be spoiled, click to somewhere else!



advent calendar birchbox

Birchbox is no stranger to curating a box of beauty treats! This is their first foray into advent calendars.

The red box has individualized little boxes where each item is stored. There are 24 miniature-sized items, ranging from brands like Clinique, Benefit and EcoTools. What I appreciate is that each item is different. You only get 1 mascara, 1 nail polish, 1 blush, etc. Unfortunately according to the reviews, some items have already appeared in previous Birchboxes. Recycling leftover makeup for Christmas!

Verdict: Not a bad box for someone who isn’t already a Birchbox subscriber.


John Lewis

advent calendar john lewis

John Lewis is the king of hilarious and heartwarming Christmas commercials, so why not put out an advent calendar while they’re at it?

This black box contains 25 full and miniature-sized products. from brands like Benefit, Clarins and Laura Mercier. What I don’t like is that they’ve included 3 face cleansers and 4 perfumes. But what I do like is that they’ve included a variety of different items, including lip products, blush, night serum and pillow spray. Plus, they’ve included the famous NARS orgasm blush and Bobbi Brown smokey mascara.

Verdict: With lots of different types of items including some holy grails, this one looks like a winner.



advent calendar harrods

Harrods may be a newbie in the advent calendar market, but they’ve come out guns ablazing. This white box has the store front sketched in gold, along with gold shoppers.

This box is also a big bumper pack of 25 minature-sized products of familiar brands like Marc Jacobs, Kiehls, Fresh, Sisley and newbie Huda Beauty. What I like is they’ve included some cult beauty favourites like the NARS laguna bronzer and Laura Mercier Au Naturel Caviar Stick. This is again a large variety of products, but I notice Harrods’ focuses more on serums and face masks, while the John Lewis’ one leans towards fragrances.

Verdict: It’s definitely a hard fight between Harrods and John Lewis this Christmas. If you’re looking for a pampering session, go for Harrods.


Iconic London

advent calendar iconic london

The Iconic London Girl About Town Gift Box features a pretty white and rose gold box. It’s only exclusive to Fortnum & Mason, and although they do chocolate and tea advent calendars, I don’t think they’ve done a makeup advent calendar before.

There may only be 12 items, but they’re all full-sized! There’s some false eyelashes, lip gloss, and even a contour palette. I have never heard of the brand, but it looks really nice and the photos on the Iconic London website look fab (they even have a Wall of Baes!).

Verdict: Looks like a really cool box to splurge if you’re into contouring and the Kardashians.


Sleek Makeup 

advent calendar sleek makeup

Another makeup-filled advent calendar, the Sleek Makeup A Gift A Day advent calendar is this really luxe gold and black box.

There are 24 miniature-sized products including 3 (!!!) palettes. I see a lot of lip products and liquid liners, but that’s cool with me. I think this is a good set for those who like to experiment with their looks.

Verdict: If you prefer to play with more colours, go for this. If you like wearable shades of nude, go with the Iconic London.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter

advent calendar cocoa brown

Are you a tanning addict? This Cocoa Brown by Melissa Carter advent calendar could probably be on your wishlist.

The neon pink box only has 12 products, but they’re also full-sized products! They include a tanning mousse, body scrub, body moisturizer and application mitts.

Verdict: Preferably for diehard tanning addicts and the cast of Jersey Shore.


Heathcote & Ivory – Morris & Co

advent calendar heathcote and ivory

So it confused me trying to figure out which one is actually the brand, and I finally got it. Heathcote & Ivory is the umbrella brand, while Morris & Co is one of a few bespoke brands.

The blue box has earthy designs on it, and 24 miniature-sized items. There’s at least 2 of each item (why??) which includes hand creams, body lotions and bath salts, in the scents of Strawberry Thief and Golden Lily.

Verdict: If you love hand creams and body lotions, I think this would be for you.



advent calendar espa

ESPA is a natural, eco-friendly brand that also provides treatments at their spas. Considering that, I have high expectations that their products would be natural and luxurious (although I have never tried them before!).

Their simple white and grey box has 24 miniature-sized products, with plenty of body oils and moisturizers. If you are in desperate need of skincare, this might be ideal for you, as they have everything you need to hydrate your skin – lip balm, body butter, eye moisturizer and a hair treatment mask.

Verdict: A good choice if you’re looking to recreate a home spa setting.


Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle advent calendar 2017

Yes, Yankee Candle has jumped onto the bandwagon and released their first Christmas advent calendar! It is a white box with a Christmas wreath and has 24 doors.

Just 2 problems – firstly they are just tealight candle sizes. Secondly, there are only 6 different seasonal scents. Which means you’ll be getting loads of repeats instead of a delicious new scent every day. I mean you get a ‘surprise treat’ behind door 24. But still, that’s… not exciting 😦

Verdict: Yikes. Good effort, Yankee Candle. I mean, the box is really gorgeous and festive. But the contents leave a lot to be desired.


I think it’s quite an interesting selection of new companies jumping on the Christmas bandwagon.

What do you think of the advent-calendar-newbies this year? Who impressed you the most? 

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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