Dark Mermaid makeup looks


Usually, when people dress up as mermaids, they wear bright pink/purple/green outfits and sparkly makeup. While that’s pretty too, I always liked the idea of a more grungy sort of mermaid: not necessarily gothic, but a darker aesthetic.

So I looked through makeup YouTubers and found these amazing girls!


Stephanie Toms / CocoChic

My personal favourite, Stephanie shows off a dark blue/purple makeup look with matching lips and nails. Instead of a crown, she tops the look off with a metallic headband. It still looks royal!


Julia Salvia

Julia’s take is less polished and more cool-girl effortless-chic. I suppose the wet hair was inspired by mermaids rising from the ocean too.

If you’re a fan of dark green, this might be something you’d prefer. She also tops the look off with a glittery shell crown, which is a DIY so we can do it too!


MakeArt With Makeup

Yet a completely different take on the Dark Mermaid Vibe, this one goes for a more animalistic underwater sea creature look.

It looks a bit, monstrous but still pretty, and still human-like. This is what I would imagine those mermaids in Harry Potter Book 4 to look like!

I love how she used green to contour her nose as well!


Stephanie Ledda (SMLx0)

Mermaids swim near tropical beaches, and in deep dark depths of the ocean… why not the Arctic circle?

Stephanie Ledda imagines an icy mermaid look (whether you want to incorporate Elsa or not is up to you I guess).

I like the starfish in her hair, and the seaweed. But I think I would probably do a side-braid, and incorporate the seaweed into that. She also adds frosty eyeliner and frosty pink lipstick!


Kimberly Margarita (Colour Creep)

OHMIGOSH. This one without the black coloured contact lenses can still look humanlike, but with the black contact lenses, it just looks so spooky.

Kimberly shows her take on a sea queen, her face and body full of pearls and her staff full of seashells.

I LOVE this direction she’s gone! I would probably put pearls on my forehead, going down one side, and more pearls on my neck and shoulders.


Jim Reno

I almost didn’t include Jim Reno, because the others are all about ‘dark’ mermaid looks.

But this one also has a completely different aesthetic than the typical pretty mermaids, so I really wanted to include this ‘albino mermaid’.


And here are some non-typical dark makeup looks for mermaids! Which one did you like best?

Much Love,

Fari Wu



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