Check out the top pinned Halloween costume

amythemermaidx unicorn halloween costume

The Internet has now made it 1000 times easier to find inspiration.

We don’t have to scour through magazines and ask friends and mothers, before deciding on a Halloween costume. Now all we have to do is look through Pinterest.

At least that’s the thoughts of thousands of people, judging by this single photo alone.

The top pinned Halloween costume has been repined more than 100,000 times!

Guess what it is?




amythemermaidx unicorn halloween costume

It’s this sparkly winged rainbow unicorn get-up by Instagram user Amy the Mermaid!

That is not a wig by the way, Amy totally rocks that hair in real life! She also added a unicorn headband and white wings, and super sparkly pink makeup and jewels.

Does it seem like too much?

Well, you know what Cady said in Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one time of year where girls can douse themselves in glitter and no one can say anything about it.”

Or something like that.

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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