We finally visited the Mermaid Cafe Siam in Bangkok!


Hellooo mermaids and unicorns!

I have returned from… Mermaid Castle Siam!

I’m so glad I got the chance to visit this mermaid cafe. I was traveling to Thailand on a work trip and managed to squeeze in 1 hour to check out the cafe.


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It’s quite easy to get there. You can stop at BTS station Siam, and go downstairs from Exit 2. It’s a 3 minute walk from there. The cafe is opposite to Siam Paragon.

Mermaid Castle Siam has 4 floors: the first 3 floors as a shop, and the 4th floor is a cafe.

Of course we checked out the cafe first!

Photo Credit: GuinHungry


There are no lifts, so you need to climb up the stairs all the way to the 4th floor. Which is very inconvenient. You need to know this if you have any leg or knee problems!


And we’re here!


Cute mermaid cupcakes were at the counter.


Neon sign at the front.


There were so many Ariel merchandise. There was even a Sebastian the crab doll too!


Although everything is a cute pink or purple, the stools are not at all luxe. I think it would have been a better experience if there were comfortable sofas. It’s very awkward wearing a mermaid tail blanket and sitting on a uncomfortable stool.


Yes, even mer-dogs are allowed too! Like I said in my previous post, the dogs in the Pathum Thani cafe got to wear mermaid tail costumes. So glad they brought them over to Mermaid Castle Siam in Bangkok too!


Be our guest, be our… wait, isn’t this the wrong movie??


Uhh, wrong movie too?

But that’s okay, all magical beings are accepted here 🙂

Here’s some photos of the menu:



This is their Signature Set, which comes with desserts and hit cocoa/tea in the cute Beauty and the Beast teapot and teacups! Best shared between two people.

The table next to us actually exchanged the cakes for waffles, so we were a little surprised as we didn’t know that option was available. I believe the Signature Set was 590 baht.


I wish I tried the Lava Choc! It looks delicious!


They also have main courses like hot wings and bacon spaghetti. They’re are priced at around 150+ to 200+ baht, which I think is quite affordable.

Here’s what we ordered:


1. Strawberry Vanilla Frappuccino 

This item is not on the menu, but it is featured on Instagram and in their previous cafe in Pathum Thani. It’s called the Strawberry Vanilla Frappe. You can still order it at the counter (just say the name, or show them this photo).

Review: This was the best of the 3 items we ordered. Before stirring, it tastes a little strange (like cough syrup!?) but after stirring, your tastebuds will enjoy a nice mixture of strawberry and vanilla.

The mermaid tail is also very well made. But… I don’t know if you can actually eat it? I tried to bite it and it was very hard. Like, VERY hard. But it tastes sweet, so I don’t think it’s made of clay…

Price: 160 baht (SGD$6.50)


2. Mermaid Cupcake

This is another classic mermaid cafe item! I really wanted to try out the simple cupcake to see what it tasted like.

Review: It was alright, but a bit dense instead of airy and fluffy. I couldn’t finish it, it was too sweet.

Price: 85 baht (SGD$3.50)


3. Milkyway Pink and Green Waffles

This colourful concoction has pink and green waffles, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Review: This was the biggest disappointment. I didn’t expect it to be the best waffles ever, but it was really heavy and dense instead of light and fluffy.


Price: 160 baht (SGD$6.50)


Dream fulfilled! Yes, the menu still has the old name of Mermaid Island Cafe instead of Mermaid Castle Siam.

Now on to the 3 floors of shopping!

There’s SO MUCH STUFF. Which is fun to look at, but you really have to sift through everything to find what you want or what you’re looking for.


If you like buying cute stationery, this is the right place. There were plenty of colourful pens and macaron erasers (see bottom left!)


There were also a lot of phone cases which had mermaids, unicorns, food and cartoon characters.


Mermaid makeup brushes!


They also had the Ary Professional Mernicorn eyeshadow palette.


If you really liked the mermaid tail blankets, you can buy one and bring home! They come in bright pink, blue and green.

Price of mermaid tail blanket:

M size – 1450 baht (SGD$60)

L size – 1950 baht (SGD$80)


They also sell swimmable fabric tails and bikinis. The shape of the tail is similar to the Fin Fun Pro monofin, however this one uses a clear plastic monofin (I can’t confirm whether it’s lexan polycarbonate or plexiglass).

Price of swimmable fabric tails: around 1700 – 2550 baht (SGD$70 – $100).

It’s not a bad price if you just want a cheap starter tail. A Fin Fun fabric tail from America would likely cost about the same, plus the shipping and other hidden fees (Import? Custom? Third party handling? So annoying).

Here’s what I wanted to buy:


Sooo pretty right! Their seashell crowns look so nice. I was looking for a white one when I found this:


Yay seashell crowns!!

But the quality isn’t very good. Which is why I didn’t buy it.

Photo Credit: GuinHungry

Pink and purple seashell bikini! Every mermaid must have this!

But I couldn’t find it, and I didn’t have time to search. The shop is like a maze with so many things cluttered up! It’s really hard to look for what you want.


Gaah. I wanted to get either the unicorn water or mermaid tears bag, or the white shell clutch next to them. But… I didn’t have time to look for this either 😦

Here’s what I did buy:


Ariel merchandise! I bought this soft phone case for my iPhone. The Srichand powder mask was bought at Thai Cosmetics at the airport.

Is the Mermaid Cafe worth it?

If you asked me this question 2 weeks ago… I would have said no.

But the amazing thing is, Mermaid Castle Siam just opened in August 2017. It’s so so new, so they keep renovating it to make it fresh. My experience in September was just so-so (the high stools make it hard to sit with the mermaid blanket, etc).

But Mermaid Castle Siam keeps improving their decor and layout, for a better customer experience.



So I think it’s still a good experience to go at least once!

Other important factors:

  • I think Mermaid Castle Siam is worth it for the shopping. The things are cute and quirky, and there’s a lot of stuff to find. If you have the time and patience, 3 floors of shopping is fun and worth it.
  • Before going, you should browse through the Facebook / Instagram page and save the photos of items you want. Because it’s easier if you have the photo to show the sales assistants, so they can help you! That is 1000 times easier.
  • I don’t recommend the cafe 😦 It’s alright but not great. Probably the most worthwhile items are the frappe or the tea / hot cocoa served in Beauty and the Beast teapot and teacups.
  • Food is so-so, the only reason why you should buy it is to take pretty pictures.
  • The cafe isn’t good 😦 There’s no lift or toilet, the seats are stools which are uncomfortable and it was quite warm. The air con didn’t seem to be working. Sigh!
  • It’s a novelty to at least go once and explore!


Address: Siam Square Soi 2 Pathumwan Bangkok
How to get there: Take the train to BTS Siam Exit 2. The cafe is between BTS Siam and National Stadium BTS Station.
Phone: +66 93 982 4022
Opening hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.30am – 9pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mermaidcastlesiam/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mermaidcastle.siam/
Line: @mermaidcastle




Hope this review has been helpful to you amazing mermaids and mermen all the world. Share with me your photos or links if you go! I just love to see them!

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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