The Little Mermaid comes to life in this fairy-TAIL beach wedding photoshoot!

Brides everywhere, get inspired with this mermaid-style wedding!

Traci Hines (singer/songwriter/hipster mermaid) and Leo Camacho (also a host/model/YouTuber) take on the lead roles to recreate The Little Mermaid in an adorable pastel faux wedding photoshoot!

Traci is Ariel and Leo is the dashing Prince Eric, who collaborated with Your Cloud Parade, an online wedding marketplace (which seems to be offline right now?).

The full list of vendors is available at the bottom.

Meanwhile, look at these gorgeous photos!


You are invited!


Yes, it is a pastel-themed faux wedding.


The seashell that contains Ariel’s voice is a must-have, of course!


And so is a dinglehopper. Preferably a nice shiny gold one.


Oh hello Prince Eric! I like how his bowtie matches Ariel’s dress.


It’s a faux bride and groom re-enacting a faux wedding, but it’s still so adorable! I love this!


“Why Eric, run away with you? This is all so… sudden!”


Every bride needs some bridesmaids, and these have individual unique hairstyles and tulle skirts! They’re also all wearing white t-shirts with clam shell designs over their… well, yes.


And of course, every wedding needs a beautiful banquet table. The colour scheme of white and green is interspersed with gold.

And everyone will have two dinglehoppers. One to eat and one to comb their hair with.


Adorable desserts, because why not?


Cute macarons as well, with mermaid scale designs, seashells and hipster glasses.


The faux bride and her lovely bridesmaids. I like how each one showcases a different hairstyle with different hair accessories!


Alongside the faux groom.


They are such a cute couple! Ariel is my favourite Disney princess and it’s so heartwarming to see it come to life.

More photos!



Produced by: Your Cloud Parade
Bride: modeled by Traci Hines
Designed by Your Cloud Parade’s Lauren Coats
Groom: modeled by Leo Camacho
Videography: Sweet T Studios
Photography: Mark Brooke PhotographyMathieu PhotoDillon Phommasa Photo
Hair and Makeup: 10.11 Makeup
Cake and Desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Florist: A Blooming Bud
Silk Floral: Afloral

Your Cloud Parade Vendors:
Bridal Gown: Claire La Faye
Hair Pieces: Creature of Habit
Paper Goods: TYPOLOGIE & CO.
Tablescape: Koyal
Bow Tie: Little Byrd Shop
Plaid Skirts: Fleet Collection
Shell Stir Sticks: Laura Hooper Calligraphy
Geometric Planters: Redwood Stoneworks
Air Plants: Robin Charlotte
Wands and Streamers: Kate Kate NYC
Shell Crop Tops: Adorkable Apparel
Shell Rings: Siren’s Grotto
Tulle Skirts: Dark Pony Designs

Mer-sister Bridesmaids (models):
Charis Lincoln
Brytni Jean
Vanessa Walton
Helena Levin
Joanna Lynn
Amber Arden


And they lived happily ever after 🙂


Much Love,

Fari Wu

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