This magical unicorn cafe in Bangkok Thailand is every girl’s dream


There are so many cafes and restaurants jumping on the unicorn bandwagon. Even Starbucks released a unicorn frappuccino that’s pink and pastel blue.

And now someone in Bangkok has decided to open a Unicorn-themed cafe!

To put it quite delicately, it looks like “a unicorn puked all over it”.


The cafe has been open since 2012, and it has 180,000 likes on Facebook!

Yes please, let’s go in!

Early reviews from TheSmartLocal (September 2016) showed this adorable giant unicorn statue just inside the door:

Photo Credit: TheSmartLocal

(I think the sign says “70,000 baht fine if you break it” which is roughly S$2800 or USD$2100.)

But it looks like they’ve just undergone a revamp because look what is waiting for you outside now:


(Posted on the official Facebook page in August 2017.)

A new and improved unicorn with wings!

And the interior is very much a unicorn’s dream:


Unicorns hanging from the ceiling. Blue, pink and yellow wink at you from every direction.


Plush sofas to sit and order food (the menu boasts of main courses, desserts and drinks).

To be honest, it IS very dizzying. I’m feeling dizzy just writing this.


More sofas to sit. And you can hug the unicorn soft toys too!

Photo Credit: Munchies | VICE

This is the menu for main courses and fries. Each item would roughly be S$10, which I think is reasonable.


Lots of pastel-coloured desserts and pastel-coloured ponies, of course.


And candy-coloured drinks too. The star milkshake is a true star item on the menu, but it is really large so you might want to share with someone else!


Look at this layered cream cake!


And a rather dodgy looking pink-purple-blue pasta carbonara with bacon. I have no idea how it tastes like.

Photo Credit: Munchies | VICE

Plus, the store also has some unicorn onesies for customers to dress up as unicorns while munching on unicorn-related food. How’s that for a full-on experience? Don’t forget to smile for the ‘gram.


Finally, what’s a unicorn cafe without buying some unicorn merchandise to take home? You can recreate the unicorn cafe in your bedroom with these soft toys.

I have never been to the Unicorn Cafe before, so I did the next best thing and scoured through tons of reviews to bring you a condensed and neutral version of all the reviews:

  1. The cafe is exactly as it looks: super psychedelic and really pretty to take photos. Make sure to snap lots of selfies!
  2. Be prepared to wait. Several people commented that the place was crowded and they had to wait to get a seat and place their order.
  3. Alexa May reviewed on the official Facebook page on April 2017 that you can only pay by cash.
  4. The food is… very very sweet. And the cafe is a bit of a novelty, where cafe decor just looks nice but the food doesn’t taste great (especially since Thailand is famed for good food and drinks).
  5. If you are a germophobe… do be aware that the unicorn soft toys and onesies would definitely have been touched/worn by other people. Some reviewers have complained that the toys and onesies look dirty!
  6. The location may also be difficult to get to since it is not in Central Bangkok. There are a couple of reviews mentioning that they got lost even when they came by taxi. Do check the location with your hotel before you go, if possible!
  7. Finally, some older reviews complained about dirty walls and floors, but since the cafe was renovated in August 2017, I assume this wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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Address: Sathorn Soi 8, 44/1 Sathon 8 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500.
How to get there:
By train:
1. BTS Chong-Non –Si Station , Exit 2.
2. Walk towards Sathon Road then turn left for Sathorn Soi 8. (There is a 7/11 shop in front of Sathorn Soi 8.)
3. Enter Sahorn Soi 8 for 50 metres.
4. Unicorn cafe will be at the first corner
By Car:
1. Enter Sathon soi 8 for 50 metres.
2. Sathorn Corner Car park is right next to Unicorn Cafe. (35 Baht per hour)
Phone: +66 86397 9262
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 12pm – 8pm (Mondays CLOSED)


*All photos credited to the Unicorn Cafe Facebook page, unless otherwise stated*

Have you been to this cafe? Share your review with us!

Much Love,

Fari Wu 🦄

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