Have you seen this unicorn?


Once, I walked into a H&M store and fell in love.


It was 22 September 2016, I know it because you remember these details when you fall in love (actually it was because the iPhone saved the date of this photo snapped).

In the kids section in the H&M store on Bourke Street Melbourne (Australia), sat this tiny little white unicorn with golden wings and a golden horn. He had a zip on his back and two little handles to carry him. He was roughly AUD$17.99.

But he was sooo tiny, I didn’t see the point in buying him because I could never fit anything inside. I’m not sure if I can even fit an iPhone?

But… after that, I felt like I really wanted to buy it. And I went back…


They never restocked it. Worse still, it doesn’t even show up in the H&M store online.

And I never. found it. again.

Even though I look through other stores in Singapore and Malaysia, I have never seen this unicorn hanging around at all.

So have you seen him? Because I really want him!

Have you ever found and lost a cute unicorn/mermaid item too?

Much Love,

Fari Wu 🦄

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