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Travel tips every unicorn needs to know



Traveling can be a super amazing time. Or it can be really really stressful.

The planning, the booking, the checklists, the Googling, the data roaming, all of that can be such a struggle. Oftentimes I feel way too tired to look around and appreciate the new scenery and surroundings.

And sometimes, I come home from a vacation thinking that I need a vacation from the vacation!

These travel tips are based on my personal experience, and I’ve come to realize that stuff is so unimportant, and sharing experiences are so much more important.


Keep yourself hydrated.


Don’t get dehydrated, my lovely unicorns!

The air inside the plane cabin is incredibly dry, and makes our skin dry, flaky and itchy. Not only that, the lack of sleep, the tiredness and the stress from planning the itinerary definitely takes a toll on our bodies.

Bring a water bottle everywhere you go, and take regular sips of water (drinking juice or tea is also okay, but not as good as water!).

Other than drinking water, you can also bring along eye drops, hand lotion or face mists to help hydrate your skin. My favourite is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, because I looove the smell of roses!


And I love pink so the Rosewater is perfect for me (Even though it sprays transparent instead of pink. You know what? Someone should invent a glitter face mist to hydrate our skin!)

I don’t really like the smell of the Calming Mist or Lavender Hydrating Mist, but  you know how scents are so subjective. Someone can love a certain smell and another person can hate the exact same smell.

Anyway I always bring along a tiny face mist in my bag, to spray on my face when it gets hot. The face mist really really comes in handy particularly when my skin is dry or I’m feeling sweaty. Nobody likes to be a dehydrated unicorn.


Charge your appliances.


Don’t forget to charge your phones, cameras, tablets and laptops the night before. It is the worst feeling when our phone battery goes flat… right before we board a plane.

And our phone charger is in our check-in luggage.

So horrible!

Charging time is also a good time to make sure there’s enough memory space in the phone or camera, just in case.


Keep healthy snacks.


Jeffrey Deng

The problem I always have is I either don’t have any snacks in my bag, or only chocolate. So I either get a sugar high or feel really tired when traveling around. Make sure you try to eat healthy even when you’re on a holiday.

My favourite thing right now is either to have dried fruit on me, or some apples or bananas*. Yum!

*bananas are the worst fruit to carry around though because they bruise so easily*


Pack your bag early, and take out half the items


This is my trick whenever I travel somewhere. That’s because I always overpack. Always. I always think that I need a lot of stuff in the hotel rooms, and I should totally bring another shirt, and maybe I should bring leggings too just in case…

And I used to stuff lots of things I don’t even use on a regular basis at home! Soft toys, face masks, extra jackets, I always think I need more things than I actually do.

So now, this is my formula:

  • I write down the items I need to pack.
  • For outfits, I pull out one outfit per day plus one extra (For a 3 day stay, I pull out 4 outfits). I set them down and see if I like the outfits, and then I pack them if they pass.
  • I put everything in my bag, then leave them.
  • 1/2 hour later, I come back and look at the items and try to take out half the things I’ve packed. Most of the time, I can!

Taa daaa. This is how you pack like a unicorn.


Say yes more.


Even if it’s a scary roller coaster ride. Even if it’s a weird food. Even if it’s a place you normally wouldn’t go. Saying yes to new experiences makes Life so much more enriching and exciting.

I’ve said yes to camping even though I’d never done it before. I’ve said yes to zip lining (although I won’t ever do it again!). I’ve said yes to a strange Chinese head massage and I enjoyed it.

So say yes to new things and you’ll be surprised with what you might like or find out about yourself.

But don’t forget, safety first! Don’t say yes without doing some research first, and try to have someone come along with you!


Don’t forget to write down your memories.


Whether it’s a pen and paper, a blog, or photos on social media, journalling is a way to document everything to read back and smile.

I usually write at the end of the day, while things are still fresh. But it depends on unicorn to unicorn, it might be easier for you to write early in the morning during breakfast.

Either way, these words, photos and souvenirs will be a way to remember the wonderful sights, sounds and smells all over the world.



My dream destination is Santorini, Greece. Sooo beautiful. White walls, blue sky, blue waters, an amazing view everywhere you look. I’ve never been there before but I hope to one day. 

Share with me what your dream destination is, my beautiful unicorns?

With love,

Fari Wu 🦄

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