Starbucks has launched a new Siren Tail Clutch



Our favourite coffee place has just swum up with new offerings.

Keeping in line with their mermaid logo, Starbucks has launched new mermaid-themed merchandise.

Siren Tail Clutches!

They come in 3 colours: cool charcoal grey, sweet dusty lilac and trendy millenial pink!


Each clutch features a really pretty Siren’s tail at the front, and the Starbucks logo is embossed on the flap.

The round logo is also embossed on the back of the clutch.


Since they’re small clutches, they probably won’t be able to fit a lot of things.

Starbucks suggests that you could use this when going out for lunch, but they can fit an iPad Mini.


The interior is about the same colour as the exterior, and looks like a soft material. The clutch is held by one brass stud, and there are no pockets inside the clutch.

The Starbucks website doesn’t say what material the exterior is, but it’s like a faux leather or pleather.



The back of the clutch features a tiny pocket. It isn’t big enough to put a phone, but it is big enough to keep a credit card or… your Starbucks loyalty card (of course!!) Look at that tiny logo with the iconic Starbucks mermaid double tails.

Each clutch retails at S$15, and is available from 7 August (today!) at all Starbucks stores except Airport Terminal 1 Transit Kiosk, Raffles Xchange and Samsung @MBC.

My Personal Review:

To be honest, when I saw the clutches in person, I was slightly disappointed.

Firstly, it is a little smaller than I expected. It is just nice if you just want to bring your wallet, keys and phone out, but can’t really fit much more than that.

I also know that for the price point, it’s not going to be super good quality, but I feel like it’s quite flimsy.

You should probably store the clutch flat instead of upright, otherwise it might kind of ‘curl’ in half and frustratingly stay that way forever. I saw it in the Starbucks store at Raffles City, where the sample clutches have already folded over and refuse to be straight anymore.

I do like the material and the look. The faux leather look is very trendy right now, and the finish looks nice. The material feels nice and strong and the interior material also feels and looks nice.

If you like the lilac, I have to tell you that the sweet dusty lilac is more of grey lilac than purple lilac.

I really like the trendy millennial pink version. And the cool charcoal grey version looks more black than light grey, so that’s nice too.



This actually isn’t the first time that Starbucks has launched these clutches. In February 2017, Starbucks released clutches available in a pale blue (blue-grey) or dark blue (deep sapphire).

Totally makes sense since they’re the colours of the ocean waves!

Maybe next time they can come up with nice green shades? PLEASE STARBUCKS I WOULD TOTALLY BUY A MINT GREEN SIREN TAIL CLUTCH.


Previously, these clutches retailed for S$25, but also came together with a limited edition Siren’s Tail Starbucks card with $10 value.

They’re so pretty! I wish they still offer the cards.


Again, the interior of the clutches are a similar shade to the exterior.


The lilac and pink ones probably appeal to the mermaids, but mermen perhaps you’d like to consider the charcoal grey version? Otherwise you can always get the Tablet & Document Folder.

Would you get these and which colour would you get, mermaids and mermen? 

With Love,

Fari Wu

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