10 items every Unicorn needs while travelling



Travelling is always such an amazing unique experience. Leaving your home, going somewhere far away where you can take in the sights and sounds and flavours of someplace completely new. I always feel ready to go travel.

Unfortunately travelling can also suck. It can be so boring, and rushed, and tiring. And we can’t all arrive at our destinations with fab hair, heels and sexy sunglasses.

In fact, most of the time I get off the plane with flat hair, really dry skin and a thousand bags to carry on my own.

So come my dear unicorns, here are 10 items that will make you soar through skies like the unicorn you are and reach your destination in style.

1. A long sleeve shirt with a cool graphic to keep you warm and toasty on the plane.


Get it for $42.75 at Qoo10.

2. A badass unicorn stainless steel travel mug for all your coffee needs.


Get it for $49.01 at Qoo10.

3. A pastel pink unicorn tears water bottle, so you can stay hydrated all the time. Don’t get dehydrated!


Get it for $84.00 from Qoo10.

4. These cool unicorn and rainbow socks to keep your feet warm in the hotel room.


Get it for $9.90 from Qoo10.

5. A colourful powerbank to charge your electronics, whether they are Apple or Android (caution unicorns, reviews mention that the portable phone charger is a little heavy!)


Get it for $19.90 from Qoo10.

6. This lovely pillow pet that also lays flat so you have something to hug on the plane (and be a companion on those annoyingly long layovers).


Get it for $61.07 from Qoo10.

7. This “I’m more majestic than you” unicorn emoji drawstring bag for your carry-on items.


Get it for only $7.90 (sale price) from Qoo10!

8. This unicorn printed bag to hold all your glittery items. Check out those tiny dancing unicorns!


Get it for $112.00 from Qoo10.

9. This cosmetic travel bag to store all your makeup.


Get it for $51.00 from Qoo10.

10. This soft travel pillow to save you from getting a horrible neck ache.


Get it for $14.90 from Qoo10.

*Disclaimer: I have not personally bought or tried these items myself. The links are linked to an affiliate program. I simply believe these items are pretty and would like to share them with you.

Travelling can be really fun. And it can be really exhausting. Let’s all be fabulous unicorns, even while we’re sitting in the airport, watching a movie on the plane or running from place to place!

Léonard Cotte

In my last post, I mentioned my dream destination is Santorini, Greece. My other dream destination I have always had is Paris… tell me what’s yours!

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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